As art/chitect Renske Maria operates at the crossroad between the academic and the professional world.  Her experimental design practice emerged from a fascination with movement.  Using artistically and designerly methods her work emerges from the research and design field that studies the architectural bodyThe architectural body, a term introduced by Shusaku Arakwa and Madeleine Gins, is understood as the crucial bodily dimension that gives way to the emergence of (alternative)meaning and values through social-environmental interaction. Starting from comparative explorations between eastern and western disciplines such as philosophy, art, architecture, environmental ecology, neuroscience but also body-work, physical education an clinical rehabilitation Renske Maria’s work inspires to move and think differently. Working transversally – in between disciplines and shifting modes of action – is Renske Maria’s nature. In affiliation with (educational)institutes and NGO’s she enjoys to collaborates with the environment itself.  Her amateur background as performer and zookeeper and daily movement practice influence her work on many levels.