Scaffolds international symposium, Brussels

November 23 2018 I will give a presentation of my experiences at Bioscleave House (Life Span Extending Villa)  at Scaffolds, open encounters with Society, Art and Architcture international symposium in Brussels. Bioscleave house (life span extending villa) is designed by  Japanese artist Arakawa  and American philosopher Madeleine Gins (hereafter A+G) and the Architectural Body Research Foundation. In May 2018 I lived and worked there for 10 continous days.

Bioscleave house is an experimental environment, a so called procedural tool. A functional tool, whether it be a hammer, a telephone, or a telescope, extends the senses, but procedural architecture examines and reorders the sensorium[1].  By means of (sometimes literary) unbalancing design procedurals Bioscleave house breaks with daily habit(at)s and proposes a reversed destiny. In Beyond Bioscleave. From architectural procedurals to reversed destiny. Movement forms for alternative social-environmental mattering I will ellaborate on my experiences and reconsider our options to act beyond.


[1] Gins, M. and Arakawa S. (2002) Architectural body. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press (Modern and contemporary poetics).  p.30