Residency at Cloud/Danslab

During a two week residency at Cloud/Danslab, The Hague  I worked on an abstraction of the Teigyoku-ken teahouse and garden in Kyoto, Japan. During this residency I took the opportunity to freely experiment. This resulted in a first try-out of an performative-instalation and artist-talk at the end of the residency. We are public picked up on my activities and promoted the event.

Based on the unique movement patterns of the Teigyoku-ken teahouse, characterized by for example zig-zags, reversed perspectives and super small doors to crawl through, this abstraction  enlightens it’s movement complexities beyond bodily gesture. With a focus on your constantly changing horizon and all the tiny perceptions influening this experience a spatiotemporal installation is created by using my ‘left-over’ materials, such as paper roles, ropes and tiny wooden blocks.  Because of a combination between the movement techniques from Japanese stroll-gardens as well as the viewing platforms from the Japanese stone gardens the audience can freely float around, guided by their curiosity.  Rather than inviting performers to activate the space, the spatial instalation is performative in itself.