Moments of ‘Ma’

The Intensive Cartographies series is hosted by the Architecture Theory Chair / Ecologies of Architecture as part of its Public Program. In these events, the work of scholars, designers and artists will be presented and discussed in lectures and roundtable seminars from a transdisciplinary perspective. The events touch upon various concerns surrounding our material world, and the ways in which we experience and map it.

In october 2018 they invited me to give a presentation on the Japanese concept Ma.  Following the embodied nature of this concept I replied to this request by offering an experience instead. As result of  an intensive experimentation process in the course ‘Movement  Matters’ (as part of the ArtScience curriculum at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague) we presented Moments of Ma. In its architectural context the Japanese concept Ma shows a moment at which time and space are not disentangled as distinct and abstract notions. Ma shows a single sensible spatiotemporal reality characterized by a unique spatial arrangement  and approach to design. Following the motto becoming is belonging  a co-becoming with the environment is proposed. This approach starts from multiplying perspectives beyond the human subject. Through a process of listening to, moving with and breathing with one synthesizes with the environment. While doing so one senses and activates the body-environment simultaneously through immersion (proximity), imitation and imagination. Co-becoming is a performative (design) activity in itself. It generates a process to simultaneously sense and vitalize the environment, while being aware of it. It is a sensing-while-making, moving-while-designing, listening while playing. Doing so in the environment of the TU Delft we invited the spectators to sense the moment of movement with us by means of an spatiotemporal, performative, installation.

In collaboration with Cocky Eek,  Daan Westerheide, Zoë d’Hont, Anni Nops, Þórir Freyr Höskuldsson, Sébastien Robert, Victor Ynzonides, Ivan Cuic, Lianne van Roekel and Flora van Dullemen