Sensing Shipyard.

As part of Sonic Acts Academy 2018, ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague joined forces with Sonic Acts on a collaborative research project Sensing the Shipyard: A Sensorial Journey. As part of the mentor team I guided the sensorial fieldwork on the Damen Shiprepair in Amsterdam.

Constantly challenged to multiply our perspectives the shipyard guides our Sensorial exploration to what resonates beyond, and even under, the horizon.  Guided by a listening to, moving with and breathing with whatever crosses our pathways we explore the energetic and industrial environment of the shipyard. Together we ask How do we relate our human presence to enormous living machines? And how is this relationship sensorially inscribed?

Water, Ropes, Metals and Mosses for us results in Fragrance and colors, vibrations and stories. When, as in this project, art becomes affect rather than representation: when movement and sensation rather than symbols or metaphors guide your creative process, artistic knowledge is omnipresent. Omnipresent in it’s sensorial way, rather than a verbal learning we move on to an intensive embodied form of learning that creates an alternative form of knowledge. A specific way of knowing that, rather than facts, forms your approach towards gathering information. Embodied learning, a sensorial experience, in this way can bring you a minor paradigm shift. For us artistic knowledge is about this tiny perceptions that open up a new world of experience.

As result of the sensorial fieldwork the students worked on a reenactment of the Shipyard to be presented at Sonic Acts Festival.